Plan your OPENING HOURS automatically đŸ“†

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Tip: bring atmosphere and countdown to Christmas or New Year

Do you want to bring a little atmosphere to your screens during the end of the year? Doing! Import a nice image from Pixabay, place it on a page and count down to Christmas or New Year with the simple clock widget. Indeed, the clock widget in Oscar

Create atmosphere with a dash of music

Suppose you have a digital screen in a shop, waiting room, refectory or other collective space. You create fun content that catches the eye and both informs and entertains. Engaging content that appeals to your target groups. Exactly according to the book

Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides in Oscart? Of course.

Google Slides and especially Microsoft PowerPoint are among the most commonly used tools to create company or product presentations. You may also have invested a lot of time in creating document templates in which you use a corporate identity. Or m

How can you better involve employees?

In a company, internal communication between and with employees is of the utmost importance. Not only to keep the entire organization well informed, but also to keep a finger on the pulse