Create atmosphere with a dash of music

Suppose you have a digital screen in a shop, waiting room, refectory or other collective space. You create fun content that catches the eye and both informs and entertains. Engaging content that appeals to your target groups. Exactly by the book, great.

Music or muzak?

“Without music life would be a mistake,” said Nietzsche. In other words: sometimes it can also be interesting to have background music accompaniment to your messages. Visual becomes audiovisual and therefore even more powerful if circumstances permit.

Of course, audio is possible with Oscart digital signage, in many ways. We list a number of them and give some tips for good audio content.

Via the media library

Did you know that you can also use video files as audio? You create a new zone, choose the video widget and select one or more pre-loaded MP4 files (or other format). Make this zone pixel-sized so that it is invisible and/or place the page in the background layer of a playlist.

Tip 1: do you still have MP3 audio files? You can easily convert MP3 files to MP4 via free online websites and use them in Oscart. Search Google for 'convert MP3 to MP4'.

Via YouTube

You can also add YouTube videos to your Oscart media library. You then do not upload a file, but a link, namely the URL of the YouTube video. You follow the same procedure as in the previous paragraph, but of course you use the YouTube widget instead of the video widget.

Tip 2: you can upload not only YouTube videos but also YouTube playlists to the media library.

Via (audio) streams

If you want to go a step further and provide dynamic audio content, you can also use audio streams. Either an internal stream from a media server on your local network, or an external one that is publicly accessible. Search Google for 'free audio streams' and you will find quite a few. Copy the URL of the stream you want to use and upload it to the media library. You can then use such streams with the stream widget that supports both video and audio.

Tip 3: listen to the VRT radio stations via Oscart. Here you will find a comprehensive list: 

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