Prof 6.0 themadag

Oscart brings innovation to PRoF

On Thursday, October 13, 2022, the PRoF 6.0 theme day took place under the heading 'Sharing is Caring'. Naturally, Oscart was present as a permanent partner of the project. We were able to give visitors to the PRoF rooms a taste of the many possibilities that our screens can offer in a healthcare context.


PRoF stands for 'Patient Room of the Future'. PRoF is a consortium and international think tank of interdisciplinary professionals (healthcare, medical, companies, universities, etc.) who conceive a vision on the evolution of healthcare systems and jointly develop this vision and realization concepts. In December 2019, the PRoF consortium celebrated its 10th anniversary. In the meantime, about 5 PRoF rooms have already seen the light of day and during this theme day, PRoF 6.0 was unveiled for the many invited guests.

Permanent PRoF partner

As a technology company, Oscart has been a permanent partner of the PRoF consortium for many years. With years of experience in the healthcare sector, we offer tangible added value with our smart and advanced screens cloud platform to facilitate the daily lives of patients, doctors and others in the field. In addition, Oscart also wants to actively support open innovation in these challenging domains.

PRoF 6.0

In the youngest PRoF room we install multiple screens for various applications. A striking touch screen on which you can interactively view details of all PRoF rooms. Two (disinfection) columns on which we present the PRoF program together with dynamic information such as news and weather reports. A large screen in the multi-purpose room on which you can also easily and quickly project your laptop wirelessly. Naturally, we also install our individual screens in the hospital or WZC room iptv and – this is unique – the seamless combination with digital signage. In this way, targeted messages and images can be delivered to the individual room to maximize the involvement of everyone.

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