Incredible way to use Oscart digital signage in your meeting rooms

Digital signage has gained popularity in several industries, including hospitals, schools, colleges, hotels and restaurants. Its versatility has caught the attention of both small and large companies, who recognize its potential and many benefits.

Real-time display of the availability of your meeting rooms:

Using wall-mounted digital signage screens, meeting room availability can be displayed seamlessly and in real-time. Participants can stay up to date with the latest meeting schedule without interruptions.

Signage indicating meeting room capacity:

In response to social distancing guidelines, many business leaders are re-examining their office spaces and limiting the number of people in meetings. Digital displays outside meeting rooms allow employees to quickly see which areas do not meet safety criteria, making it easier to convert them into private, reserved areas.

Digital signs outside meeting rooms:

Table-sized electronic screens placed outside meeting rooms serve as concise sources of information, similar to a car's license plate. These displays can provide a comprehensive overview of the meeting, including agenda, company name, logo, speaker list, event duration and room number. This allows passersby to easily identify the ongoing meeting and its purpose.

In addition, meeting room door signage can be used to label rooms based on their specific purposes, such as “Discussion Room” or “Projection Room.” This helps both customers and staff identify the most suitable spaces for their needs.

The applications of digital signage in meeting rooms show that it can increase efficiency, promote safety and streamline communications in the workplace.

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