Corona-proof livestream in Sint Vincentius residential care center

On September 27, 2020, the patron saint 'Saint Vincentius' was celebrated in the residential care center, according to annual tradition. Through the coronavirus residents and apartment residents were unable to celebrate this edition together. Saint Vincent went looking for one solution to bring the residents together safe way still deliver a successful party. 

They appealed for this Oscart Group, previously known as Tele Signal Electronics(Tele-Signal merged with sister company Oscart on September 1, 2020 and now bundles total solutions for software and hardware under one roof within Oscart Group). Oscart Group has been supplying televisions and televisions for years digital signage solutions to the GVO group and joined in the search for a corona-proof solution for the St. Vincentius celebration.


Live stream info channel

To ensure that every resident can enjoy the festivities, Oscart Group installed via IPTV a live stream information channel for all TVs. A Blu-ray player, camera and server (to centrally manage the settings) were also provided.

Despite an approaching deadline and some technical challenges, the Oscart Group technicians took care of this a neatly finished whole. Thanks to the installation, the residential care center was able to offer the Eucharist during the celebration record with the camera and broadcast directly on the information channel of the houses and the rooms. Afterwards, a singer performed and the residents and apartment residents could enjoy the same from their room or from the communal area of the residential care center. 

In addition, Eveline Breye, director of Sint Vincentius, was able to a live speech via the information channel. In this way, the residential care center, in collaboration with Oscart Group, managed to support the residents during these isolating times a pleasant day To deliver.


A one-time investment, 1,001 applications

An information channel and digital signage can offer strong added value during corona, the residential care center also confirms. The live stream information channel ensured a successful party and will continue to be an asset for Sint Vincentius. For example, residents were recently able to attend a yoga session and in addition to live events, they can also enjoy films via Blu-ray. 

The central management server, in turn, ensures that the staff does not have to tour the rooms. Information and news can easily be shared with the residents in every room using the Oscart cloud platform. The residential care center also has plans for the information channel for the future, such as setting up its own radio with request numbers and playing Christmas and New Year's wishes. In short, in these uncertain times, clear information and the necessary entertainment are indispensable, and a tailor-made audiovisual solution can play an important role.

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