Try & buy widgets!

Try & buy widgets

The content editor in Oscart has numerous widgets that we make available to our customers as standard and free of charge: text, images, video, RSS, (countdown) clock, timer, weather report, etc. With these widgets you can put fantastic content on your screens. In addition, customers can add an extra dimension to their smart screen communication if necessary thanks to some additional, advanced widgets. Including Dropbox, video stream, iframe and social widgets are some examples of such advanced widgets.

Good news for users who prefer to test a widget first before purchasing an annual license: from now on you can try all additional widgets for free for two weeks without intervention.

Try advanced widgets for free

How? Easy. You can click on the widgets for which you do not have a license (magenta colored on the selection screen) to start the trial period. Once you have done and confirmed this, the widget will be active immediately. You will receive a confirmation email and another email once the widget expires. In the same way you can easily and quickly order the widget: just click on the widget and the order will be placed.

With the introduction of this new try & buy functionality, we want to give our customers a taste of all the possibilities that Oscart offers to create creative, dynamic content with which you can inform and impress customers, visitors or employees.

Get started, surprise and engage your target groups!

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