Terms of use

1. General

These are the terms of use ("Terms of use") applicable for users ("User") using the websites and services of Oscart BVBA.


These Terms of use form a binding agreement between User and Oscart BVBA, with corporate headquarters at the Politieke Gevangenenstraat 28, 8530 Harelbeke, Belgium, KBO 633.716.341, tel. +32 56 74 50 10, e-mail info@oscart.be. By using Oscart BVBA’s website, the User unconditionally and irrevocably accepts the full application of all these Conditions. Users who don’t agree with one or several Conditions, shouldn’t use this website. Oscart BVBA’s websites contain several functions and services, among which digital signage. Oscart’s services and websites are intended for professionals, not consumers. Oscart BVBA has the right to change the content of its websites at any time and at its own discretion. Oscart BVBA also has the right to revise, change, shorten or expand these conditions, solely by publishing a new version on its websites. Oscart BVBA has, at its own discretion, the right to refuse or defer access to its websites for Users who violate these Conditions in any way.


2. Access and intellectual property rights

Only users who strictly comply with these conditions have the right to use Oscart BVBA’s websites and services.

These conditions apply during the entire period of use. Oscart BVBA has the right to deny or defer access at its own discretion, immediately and without prior warning, to all Users who violate one or more of these conditions. All intellectual property rights covering Oscart BVBA’s website contents, such as designs, lay-out, texts, video and audio materials, labels, models, information, etc., belong to Oscart BVBA and its licensors. Users agree to strictly respect these intellectual property rights at all times. Users who violate these conditions and affect Oscart BVBA’s intellectual property rights and/or its licensors, will be entirely and unlimitedly responsible for all damages, including consequential damages. Unless explicitly otherwise stated by Oscart BVBA, no intellectual property rights are transferred or provided, neither explicit nor implied.


3. User rights and obligations

Special agreements between Users and Oscart BVBA also apply while using Oscart BVBA’s websites and services. Moreover, if stated explicitly, these special agreements have priority over these Conditions.

Users acknowledge that it is prohibited to:


  • use Oscart BVBA’s websites in a way that causes conflict with any applicable laws or legislations, such as – but not limited to- laws concerning data and intellectual property rights protection, public order and morality, computer crime.
  • publish materials that are scornful, offensive in an implicit or explicit way, vulgar, obscene, threatening, insulting, inciting to hatred, racist, discriminating, or materials that might cause irritation, discomfort, embarrassment, fear or damage to any person or that contain a link to pornographic, indecent or sexually explicit materials of any kind.
  • carry out operations that put a strain on the infrastructure of Oscart BVBA.
  • use means to navigate or search on Oscart BVBA’s websites, expect for the search tools available on Oscart BVBA’s websites and the free search engines of third parties available on the Internet.
  • make use of data mining, robots or other means to collect or extract data .
  • hack the security of Oscart BVBA’s website or try to hack it, which also includes testing or scanning the vulnerability of a website, system or network.
  • to falsify the information on an Oscart BVBA website .
  • to cause malfunction of an Oscart BVBA website.
  • to gather, copy or falsify information of the Oscart BVBA websites in any way, including all information from the past.
  • to publish false or misleading information.
  • use the website to publish computer viruses.
  • to encourage illegal activities.
  • to share access codes with third parties.
  • to access data of third parties or to use access codes of third parties.
  • to change information that belongs to third parties, who may or may not be website users of Oscart BVBA.

Users who violate one or more of these prohibitions will be responsible for all damages caused to Oscart BVBA or third parties. Violating one or more of these prohibitions can lead to civil or criminal prosecution. Oscart BVBA will offer its complete collaboration to all judicial authorities involved in the investigation of these violations.


4. Special conditions for Customers

Customers who close their accounts agree that Oscart BVBA will remove all their data from Oscart BVBA’s websites and databases, including media and all customer information documented by Oscart BVBA. Customers have the right to publish 2 free vacant posts on Oscart BVBA’s website. Publishing three or more vacancies is only possible by payment. Customers can publish vacancies by payment if they enter into a special agreement with Oscart BVBA beforehand. The conditions of this special agreement will have priority over these Conditions.


Customers will not use their account to:

  • publish inaccurate, incorrect or misleading information.

Customers will only use the information they obtain by using Oscart BVBA’s websites in accordance with the websites’ conditions and the current legislation concerning privacy and data processing protection. More specifically, this information cannot be published to third parties without the explicit agreement of those who are responsible for or who own the information.


Oscart BVBA has the right to refuse or remove any content on its website should doubt arise regarding the accordance of this content with the website’s conditions, without having to compensate for damages or repaying the customer. Moreover, clients who violate Oscart BVBA’s conditions are unlimitedly responsible for all damages caused to Oscart BVBA and third parties, including all consequential damages.


5. User information

Users are fully responsible for all information, such as data, texts, software, music, audio fragments, photos, charts, images and personal data they publish on Oscart BVBA’s websites. Oscart BVBA has the right to refuse or remove information published by Users when Oscart BVBA believes this information to be inappropriate, without having to justify its decision. By publishing information on Oscart BVBA’s websites, Users allow Oscart BVBA to publish, distribute, copy and adapt this information.


6. Intellectual property rights

Users cannot publish materials on Oscart BVBA’s websites should these materials contain intellectual property rights of third parties. Users who do not respect this prohibition can be persecuted. Oscart BVBA will provide its entire collaboration in this persecution and has the right to - immediately and without any warning - close the accounts of users who violate this prohibition.


7. Disclaimer

Oscart BVBA is not responsible for the information published by users on its website. Oscart BVBA has no obligation to research, screen or censor this information. Oscart BVBA is therefore not responsible for contents, quality, accuracy, appropriateness, trustworthiness, completeness, topicality or legality of information published by users. Oscart BVBA strives to ensure all information on its website is accurate and complete, but cannot guarantee the accuracy/ completeness of this information, nor can Oscart BVBA fully guarantee that its websites and services will always function faultlessly and uninterruptedly. Oscart BVBA is not responsible for damages caused by computer viruses and/or malicious software that might occur on its website. Users are completely responsible for downloading, installing, saving or using information and software from Oscart’s websites.


Oscart BVBA does not guarantee the fitness for a particular purpose when it comes to its websites, services or information provided. Should Oscart BVBA’s websites contain links to third party websites, Oscart BVBA can never be held liable for these websites’ contents or the consequences they might cause. The achieved results of our products and services can be as optimal as you wish, of course you can always contact us for advice or help on-site. Oscart BVBA does not accept any liability for damages in whichever form, including indirect or consequential damages, deficits, lost profits, missed opportunities, lost data or work stoppages that might result from using Oscart BVBA’s services or websites.


8. Applicable law

Users acknowledge that the electronic communication with Oscart BVBA is written proof. These user conditions and the use of Oscart BVBA’s websites and services are subject to the Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the law courts of Oscart BVBA’s court district has exclusive jurisdiction. When one or more of these conditions are invalid, void or unenforceable, the other conditions remain valid without exception.