14 Sep 2017

Oscart from Harelbeke responds to the increasing market demand in digitization

The more the world digitizes, the faster information is distributed. Oscart , the relatively young start-up company from Harelbeke, managed by Jochen Verbrugghe, Michaël Gysens, Barbara De Clerck and Matthieu Vandevyver, fully responds to this double trend. “I think that within just a few years’ time the traditional notice boards will have exited the market completely. Digital screens are the latest trend for spreading information," according to Jochen Verbrugghe.

Jochen Verbrugghe was raised with technology. “In 1978, my grandfather Leopold Vansteenkiste started Tele-Signal Electronics, a company that rented televisions to care centers and hospitals. Strange but true, it was quite a revolutionary business at the time. In the second generation, my father Freddy Verbrugghe expanded the business considerably and in 2003, I took over from him. "


Today, Tele-Signal still has a strong market position and continues to grow as a system integrator of screens. The radius of action has become much larger. In addition to the healthcare sector, a large number of hotels, holiday parks, city services and companies were added to the customer base. Tele-Signal mostly has projects in Belgium but also in the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. The company has installed up to 45,000 screens. Verbrugghe continues, “based on my experiences and having closely monitored the latest trends, I got inspired to take it even further.”


“At Oscart we fully embraced digitization. As a manufacturer, Oscart provides a smart cloud tool which allows customers to control their digital screens. Everyone knows the bulletin boards from the past. Today, more and more hospitals or companies welcome their visitors by means of digital screens. In short, digital screens are used to inform people. Digital signage has proven to provide added value in terms of efficiency and organization. We’re talking about an area with enormous growth opportunities that I want to use explicitly. "

Jochen Verbrugghe was raised with technology. “In 1978, my grandfather Leopold Vansteenkiste...

International interest


Having installed up to 1,700 screens, Oscart has already made considerable progress in its own country and abroad. Verbrugghe took over the start-up company only three years ago. He bought the start-up, that was in an early yet dormant stage, restructured it thoroughly and prepared it to "go to market". "Digital information and digital merchandising and marketing are hot," says Verbrugghe. “We respond to that market demand with our software. I have the ambition to take our offer abroad, in the first place to our neighboring countries Germany, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and England. At this stage, we are negotiating with international system integrators to develop a reseller network and the interest appears to be considerable. Despite the competition, we can confirm that our software scores very well on important parameters such as user-friendliness, with an extra asset being the vertical integrations per target group. Our offer allows companies with multiple branches to streamline all information among their establishments, anywhere in the world. Our slogan is no coincidence – “Share your story - anytime, anywhere.”


Jochen Verbrugghe is almost 40 years old and says he feels that he is just at the beginning of a long road that still has a lot of potential. Oscart has a handful of technical software specialists who are constantly exploring the limits and keep on aligning their concept to their customers’ needs and requirements. "As long as we grow, we are doing well," Jochen Verbrugghe laughs. (KC - Foto Kurt)


Source: Entrepreneurs, 09/2017.